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Voltage Regulator Systems Upgrades

Since 1986, E2 Power Systems, LLC has provided a complete Customer solution for Voltage Regulator System Equipment in need of upgrades, utilizing the equipment from various major equipment manufacturers. We have completed Voltage Regulator Upgrades of analog systems with new digital controls of more than 250 Systems on Diesel Units, Steam Turbine Units, Hydro Turbine Units and Combustion Turbines Units.

Our Engineers have direct experience working for the major OEMs and specific hands-on experience with the upfront System Design and System Startup on most all of the original Voltage Systems as installed back in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Some of these Systems included those as provided with the GE and Westinghouse medium & large Steam Turbines and Gas / Combustion Turbines such as the GE Frame 5/6/7/9, the Westinghouse W251/W501 and the GE LM2500/LM5000 Units.

We provide voltage regulator system upgrades on any type of system including the following:

Basler DECS-15
Basler DECS-100
Basler DECS-150
Basler DECS-200
Basler DECS-200N
Basler DECS-250
Basler DECS-250E
Basler DECS-250N
Basler DECS-300
Basler DECS-400
Basler DECS-2100
Basler ECS2100
Basler Electric SSE
Basler Electric SR Regulators
Allis Chalmers REGULEX
EM Regulators
GE 3S7930SA Regulator
GE 3GFA Regulator
GE BUS FED/Potential Source
GE DS3820 Regulator
Hitachi HIGEX
Westinghouse BJ30 Regulator
Westinghouse MAGASTAT
Westinghouse MGR
Westinghouse PRX
Westinghouse ROTOTROL
Westinghouse SILVERSTAT
> Westinghouse WMA
Westinghouse WTA

Our engineers will use our knowledge of existing systems to guide our selection of the most appropriate existing technology and equipment to meet your needs.

E2 Power Systems can provide a full turnkey solution or can customize a package of services based on project needs.

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