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Generating System Upgrades

Generators twenty years or older are now expected to be in operation for another ten or twenty years. Unfortunately some of these systems are no longer operating properly due to lack of spare parts, replacement parts or are no longer supported by the OEM’s. Operating costs are elevated due to high maintenance costs. Attrition impacts the operation because there is no one left who knows these older systems. The performance reliability and efficiency of the entire generating system are affected. Most often, all that is required to enhance/extend the overall life of these generating systems is a new system or equipment upgrade.

Upgrading your voltage regulator or the static excitation system puts new life in older systems.

Reasons Encountered for the Upgrade of Voltage Regulator or Static Excitation Systems

Upgrading your Voltage Regulator or the full Static Excitation System puts new life in older Generating Systems. Reasons to upgrade your old Voltage Regulator or Static Excitation System with a new Digital Control can include;

  • The Automatic Voltage Regulator and / or the Exciter Field Rheostat is out-of-service, and cannot be repaired due to equipment obsolescence and lack of spare or renewal parts
  • To eliminate the operating restrictions of the older equipment
  • To replace obsolete regulating equipment
  • To extend the VAR Capabilities of the unit via better protection & Limiter circuitry
  • Rotating Exciter problems
  • High maintenance and operating costs of rotating apparatus
  • To interface the Voltage Regulators to the DCS via available communication links for the control and monitoring of the system
  • To meet NERC System requirements with available Protection / Limiters enhancements of the Digital Control Systems
  • To obtain better system operating performance, response time, reliability and efficiency
  • To meet Power System Stabilizer requirements
  • To save operating costs via better performance, increased reliability, and reduced maintenance

Our expertise is that we know the “old” excitation equipment - how it operates and how to fix it. With this knowledge we know better than anyone how to specify the right new equipment and to apply and interface a new digital control system for improved generator performance with additional features that safeguard the machine over a wider operating range.

Examine the features and benefits of a new digital system

We have the capabilities to handle all types of Generating System Upgrade Projects including the following system integrations:


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