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Technical Training

E2 Power Systems' objective is to support operating plants to achieve the highest effectiveness from their own technical staff and equipment. Each training program is developed to meet the specific needs of our clients. We will structure the course content and the method of delivery to not only provide the background information but also the direction to help your staff apply it to their particular systems and job tasks.

On-Site Specialized Technical Training for Existing Systems

We develop on-site training geared specifically to older existing systems that are no longer supported by the OEM but still remain in service at many Generating Stations. These Seminars are set up as custom-tailored training for your Operators, Technicians, Engineers and Management personnel. We incorporate specific problems encountered with your older equipment and Systems, and we schedule these sessions to coordinate around your Unit Outages.

Some of the Specialized Technical Training Seminars presented to date on the older Excitation Systems include:

Basler Electric DECS Excitation Systems
Basler Electric SSE
Basler Electric SR Regulators
GE EX2000 w/Tool Box
Westinghouse WTA
Westinghouse PRX
Westinghouse MGR

Topics generally incorporated into these Specialized Technical Training Seminars include Fundamentals of Generator Control & Protection Systems, Fundamentals of Protective Relaying for Generating Systems and Operations & Maintenance of Generator Control & Protection Systems.

On-Site Technical Training for New Systems

A key element in a successful upgrade project is that not only do you have the best equipment, the right application and desired outcome, but  your Technical Staff is trained to be able to maintain and operate your new system at its maximum effectiveness.

Training services are offered based on our client’s schedules to meet training requirements and maximize participation by Operators and Technical Staff. Each session is developed to address the specific equipment and procedures of the new systems including customized training manuals and materials for each participant.

Technical training, included in our Turnkey Projects, can be provided as an optional component to your upgrade project or as a separate service.

Custom Technical Training Seminars (Offered in our Littleton, Colorado offices)

The need for and importance of training is undisputed. However, sometimes the demands of "getting the job done" do not allow staff the time. Our experienced staff can develop and offer training programs in our Littleton, Colorado, offices. This approach gives your staff the luxury of getting away from the demands of the worksite and focusing completely on the training at hand.

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