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Testing and Maintenance

E2 Power Systems is the expert at providing System Maintenance and Testing Services for all of your Electrical System, Plant and Generating Systems Needs.

A quality periodic System Maintenance Program by experts from E2 Power Systems will provide you the information and tools to achieve greater reliability through the full load capabilities of your generating system, enhance unit performance, improve in-house system troubleshooting ability and help reduce your overall system O&M costs.

E2 Power Systems will evaluate your needs and develop a customized approach including recommended tasks directed to your specific systems.

> Review recommended System Maintenance Tasks
> See the types of Excitation & Voltage Regulator Systems we Service.
> See the types of Generator Protection and Generator Synchronizing Systems we Service

Beyond your Generating Systems, E2 Power Systems provides the following Appraisal Testing and Maintenance Support Services:

  • IPP Generator Protection and Utility Interface Acceptance / Witness Testing
  • Electrical System Demand Power Analysis
  • Motor Control System Maintenance
  • Tune-Ups of Line Voltage Regulators
  • Fall of Potential Testing for Station Ground Grid Systems
  • Tune-ups of Adjustable Frequency Drives and LCI Drive Systems
  • Machine Tool Controls Adjustments
  • Doble Power Factor Insulation Testing


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