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NERC Compliance

Reliability has always been a primary concern for any power producer. The importance is only magnified as the pressure to comply with NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) policies increases resulting in the need to make system enhancements and complete compliance testing.

E2 Power Systems has a full understanding of the NERC requirements and those guidelines of each of the North American regions.

E2 Power Systems provides NERC Compliance Testing of Generator Control, Protection and Excitation Systems, including:

  • On-site testing and verification of your systems
  • Compilation of data and modeling information
  • Confirmation on the proper operation of equipment
  • Calibration testing of protective relays
  • Tuning and testing of the PSS
  • Final report including short and long term recommendations and report prep for submittal to NERC

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> Learn more about NERC requirements: www.nerc.com

E2 Power Systems can also provide consulting and engineering services to complete studies, modeling and interface Power System Stabilizer equipment as part of a Generating System upgrade project.

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