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System Design

Our capabilities include the following system designs and upgrades:

  • Excitation/Voltage Regulator Upgrades
  • Protection System Upgrades
  • Synchronizing System Upgrades
  • Gas & Steam Turbine System Upgrades
  • Small Hydroelectric Planning and Design
  • SCADA & DCS Control Designs
  • Power System Stabilizer Interface
  • 50 Hz to 60 Hz Conversion Upgrades
  • 60 Hz to 50 Hz Conversion Upgrades
  • AC & DC Emergency Backup Systems
  • Plant Relocations
  • Operating Plant Improvements
  • Substation Planning & Design
  • Switchgear System Planning & Design
  • Motor Control Center Design
  • Protection Systems Planning and Design

Generating System Design
It's not just about installing a new piece of equipment and setting up the PID Loop – it's about system integration. Protect your investment from damage caused by the misapplication of equipment due to lack of experience of your own staff or underqualified, underexperienced vendors or consultants. It is imperative that you have the attention to detail to guarantee that your project runs smoothly.

E2 Power Systems has not only the necessary understanding of how the older existing generating systems work and how to properly interface all of the new and old elements together to achieve a more reliable, efficient performing system, but also the experience doing it.

Utilize E2 Power Systems's Design Interface and Upfront Engineering Services for your generating system project.

Review the Design Interface/Upfront Engineering Tasks completed as part of your Generating System Upgrade Project

The Interface Design of new systems include:

  • Detailed Elementary System Drawing, including the Single Line of the upgrade Generator Voltage Regulator/Excitation Systems
  • Connection details for all new devices
  • System Connection & Schematic Type Drawings
  • Interface details for direct connection of the new equipment into the existing Excitation Control Systems and demolition details on existing equipment to be removed from service
  • Interface details from connection into the existing Generator and Turbine Controls and Generator Protection Systems.
  • Specify all installation materials and equipment
  • Work with the End-User to develop all Voltage Regulator/Excitation System settings
  • Comprehensive Documentation Package including Generator and Excitation System data, Instruction Manuals, component lists and nameplate schedule, Cable schedule, drawings in AutoCAD format and Startup report including software settings

Need more than design? Explore the full scope of our turnkey services for your Generating System Upgrade Projects.

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