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E2ROIP - E Squared Remote Operator Interface Panel

E2 Power Systems Engineers will custom-design an E2ROIP (Remote Operator Interface Panel) to provide complete HMI functionality specific to your system and your operators. E2 Power Systems will provide all devices, software and installation materials, system design interface and turnkey installation services required for the installation, interconnection and testing of the E2ROIP and associated devices.

The operator-friendly, interactive touchscreens provide a single point of contact for real-time monitoring and control of the DECS systems including:

  • Full control of the DECS-400 System (AVR/FCR Regulator Transfer, Setpoint Raise/Lower, etc.).
  • Full monitoring of the DECS-400 Operating Parameters (Generator 3-Phase Volts, Generator Frequency, Generator 3-Phase Amps, Bus Volts, Bus Frequency, Watts, VARs, Field Amps & Volts, Generator Breaker Status, Excitation Mode Status, Mode Tracking Error, AVR/FCR/VAR/PF Control Setpoints, etc.).
  • Full monitoring of the DECS-400 Alarm & Status Functions (Field Overvoltage, Field Overcurrent, Generator Overvoltage, Generator Undervoltage, Over-Excitation Limit, Under-Excitation Limit, Volts/Hertz Limit, Setpoint Upper Limit, Setpoint Lower Limit, Failed-to-Build Generator Voltage, Loss of Excitation, Loss of Voltage Sensing, Failed DECS Module, Failed IFM-150 Module, Bridge Overtemperature, Regulator Trip, Exciter On/Off, Regulator in AVR / FCR Control, PSS On/Off, PSS Enabled / Disabled, etc.).
  • Full monitoring of the Unit MW / MVAR Operating Point within the Generator Capability Curve Displays.
  • Optional upgrades including password protection, Generator Simulation, with Modbus and Ethernet communication interfaces and function specific audio alarms.

For more information and sample monitoring screens, download our ROIP flyer


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