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Turnkey Solution

If you are looking for the complete Generating System Upgrade Project to be completed by others, E2 Power Systems, LLC has the solution - a complete turnkey package. From the initial research to the final documentation, our competent staff of design engineers and support personnel, on-site installation crews and Field Engineers will address every aspect of your project.

Services included in a Turnkey Installation Project  include:

  • Research of the existing Generator Control System to finalize Design and Installation Details.
  • Supply the new System and all associated devices and equipment.
  • Supply all Installation Materials as required for the interface of the new System.
  • Provide the Interface Design/Upfront Engineering

    The Interface Design of new systems includes:

    • Detailed Elementary System Drawing, including the Single Line of the upgraded Generator Voltage Regulator/Excitation Systems
    • Connection details for all new devices
    • System Connection and Schematic Type Drawings
    • Interface details for direct connection of the new equipment into the existing Excitation Control Systems and demolition details on existing equipment to be removed from service
    • Interface details for connection into the existing Generator and Turbine Controls and Generator Protection Systems.
    • Specify all installation materials and equipment
    • Work with the End User to develop all Voltage Regulator/Excitation System settings
    • Comprehensive Documentation Package including Generator and Excitation System data, instruction manuals, component lists and nameplate schedule, Cable schedule, drawings in AutoCAD format and Startup report including software settings.
  • Provide Project Management including Schedule / CMP interface with Weekly Progress Reports and Craft Labor Supervision with all associated Recordings.
  • Provide Onsite Turnkey Installation Services

    We can provide our own specially-trained technical installation staff or we can supplement with a local licensed Electrical Contractor (as required) to complete the demolition activities and the installation, connection and interconnection of the new digital systems. Installation tasks include:

    • Removal of the old Voltage Regulator/Excitation systems and associated equipment in the existing Unit Control Panel that will not be utilized with the new systems.
    • Installation of the new digital systems and associated equipment and materials.
    • Interface to the existing Generator Control, Protection and Annunciator Systems.
  • Provide System Checkout / Testing and System Startup Services

     E2 Power Systems will complete Checkout and Testing of all new equipment, devices and interconnection cables prior to startup and the complete all Startup and commissioning tasks. We will be on-site to verify the correct operation of your new system up through full load on your generating unit. All specific test equipment required to complete these services is provided. 

  • Provide Technical Training Services to the Operations & Maintenance personnel 

    A key element in a successful upgrade project is that not only do you have the best new equipment, the right application and the desired outcome, but that your technical staff is trained to be able to maintain and operate your new system at its maximum effectiveness.  E2 Power Systems’ object is to support our clients to achieve this. We provide on-site Technical Training of O&M personnel tailored to specific to your new system.

    Learn more about our Technical Training Services

  • Provide final System Startup Report
  • Provide Spare parts information and recommended maintenance procedures
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