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Alterrex Bridge Replacement

E2 Power Systems provides a cost effective solution for the direct replacement of existing water-cooled power diode bridges of the General Electric Alterrex™ Excitation Systems.

Avoid the maintenance and safety issues associated with trying to repair deteriorated copper tubing, fittings and other obsolete components. Eliminate downtime and operating costs associated with blown fuses, unsuspecting grounds and /or machine trips due to water leaks from an aging system.

This simple retrofit solution provides a functionally equivalent bridge that is convection-cooled rather than water-cooled. Mounted on the same back plane as the original, it can easily be monitored at the doghouse or in the control room. The bridge can be utilized with existing Power Bridge Disconnect Switches or installed with an optional new Load Break Disconnect Switch to isolate the bridge from the ac and dc bus to enhance safety and ease of repair.

Utilizing bridges manufactured by Darrah Electric and distributed by Basler Electric, E2 Power Systems will provide a turnkey installation including:

  • Research of the existing system to finalize design and installation details.
  • Supply of the Air-Cooled Rectifier Bridges with disconnect switches and all associated devices and equipment including indicator panels, terminal boards, and alarm and control relays.
  • Provide the interface design and documentation including drawings, instruction manuals, testing report and spare/renewal parts information.
  • Demolition of existing bridges, cooling water piping, control relays and associated wiring.
  • Installation and connection of the new bridges, switches, light panels, meters and associated wiring.
  • System Checkout and Testing of all new devices.

Replacement of the water-cooled bridges alone or augmented with the installation of a new digital voltage regulator provides a practical lower-cost alternative to replacement of the Alterrex excitation system and associated equipment for a complete static excitation system. 

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