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NERC Compliance Services

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) was established to create policies to help ensure the reliability of the bulk power generated in North America. The NERC policies provide guidelines for reporting machine availability and guidelines for generator system testing to verify models and performance of synchronous machines.

Reliability is the primary concern. To be able to predict the overall System Response and Reliability, NERC needs to know the capabilities of the generating systems and the anticipated performance for both steady state operation and during System transients caused by loss of generation, faults, or other types of disturbances.


  • Unit Reactive Capability
  • Excitation System Model
  • Generator Characteristics
  • Operation & Model of Excitation Limiters
  • Calibration & Coordination of Generator Protection Relays
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator control
  • Operation & Model of Power System Stabilizers
  • Governor Droop & Deadband

E2 Power Systems, LLC offers NERC COMPLIANCE TESTING of your Generating Systems - including On-Site Testing and Verification Service, compiling all data and modeling information, providing confirmation on the proper operation of all equipment, and including short/long term recommendations for each System.

NERC COMPLIANCE TESING includes the following general Work Scope:

    A. Testing of the Auto Voltage Regulator

      1. Tuning & Step Response of AVR
      2. Tuning & Dynamic Performance Testing of all Limiters
      (Overexcitation, Underexcitation, Volts Per Hertz, etc.)

    B. System Model Verification Test

      1. Saturation Curve Tests to determine air gap saturation characteristics
      2. Unit Trip with 0 MW / 20% Leading VARs in AVR mode to determine Excitation System Parameters
      3. Unit Trip in Manual VR mode to estimate internal Unit Reactances
      4. Generator Trip @ 10% MW to determine Inertia Constant and Governor Performance

    C. On-Line Verification of Generator Leading & Lagging Reactive Capability

    D. Calibration Testing of Protective Relays

    E. Tuning & Testing of the Power System Stabilizer

    F. Report Prep for submittal to NERC

Call E2 Power Systems, LLC to discuss your NERC COMPLIANCE TESTING needs for your Generating System. We perform these Engineering Services independent of all system equipment manufacturers. References provided at your request.

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