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System Protection and Control Upgrades

E2 Power Systems has the design and field experience applying Generator Relay Protection modules to replace a minimally protected system utilizing the old, existing electromechanical type generator protection relays such as the following:

21 Distance
24 Volts per Hertz
25 Synch Check
25A Auto Synch
27 Undervoltage
32 Reverse Power
40 Loss of Excitation
47 Voltage Phase Sequence
51V OC Relay with Voltage
59 Overvoltage
64G Generator Ground
81 Over/Under Frequency
87G Current Differential

Consider the advantages of upgrading your system with new Generator Relay Projection Modules including:

  • Better System Protection Flexibility
  • Availability of more Independent Functions
  • Small packaging for panel or rack mount
  • LCD displays with real time metering and system monitoring
  • Communication ports for metering, alarms and fallout data monitoring from remote locations
  • Cost savings from reduced annual maintenance and calibration testing
  • Reduced replacement costs (costs for an electromechanical "40" Loss of Excitation Relay is greater than one protection module)

E2 Power Systems has completed numerous system protection and upgrade projects including upgrades to systems with:

  • Electromechanical Relays as manufactured by GE, Westinghouse, ABB and Toshiba
  • Solid State Relays as manufactured by Basler Electric, ABB, GE and Westinghouse
  • Generator Multifunction Protection Modules as manufactured by GE Multilin, Basler Electric, Beckwith and SEL
  • Overcurrent Multifunction Protection Modules as manufactured by Basler Electric and SEL Differential Multifunction Protection Modules as manufactured by Basler Electric and SEL
  • Auto Synch Modules and Synch Check Relays as manufactured by Basler Electric
  • Electromechanical Auto Synch and Synch Check Relays as manufactured by GE and Westinghouse
  • Auto Synch

E2 Power Systems will identify the equipment best suited to meet your System needs, offering the latest technology available for your Generator Relay Protection and Auto Synchronizing upgrade projects utilizing equipment including:

Generator Multifunction System Upgrades with:

  • Basler BE1-GPS 100, BE1-11i
  • Beckwith M3425, M3420, M3430
  • GE SR 489
  • SEL SEL300G, SEL701, SEL 501, SEL387

Generator Auto-Synchronizing upgrades with:

Review the Project Tasks included in an upgrade project.

Project tasks can include:

  • Site Demolition
  • System Fault Studies
  • Relay Protection Module Settings
  • Auto Synch Module Settings
  • Design Interface
  • System Drawings (Elementary, Connection and Interconnection)
  • Site Installation Activities
  • Relay Protection Module Testing and Calibration Checks
  • Communication Interface
  • System “Trip” Testing
  • System Offline Synch Phasing Tests
  • System Online CT/PT Signal Input Phasing Checks

E2 Power Systems can offer a full Turnkey solution or can put together a package of services customized to your staffing and budget requirements.


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